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Have you ever wondered what language a webpage or blog you glanced at might be in? Or are you having a hard time telling apart one language from another? This free web-based online language identifier analyzes and identifies what language any text is written in. Just copy and paste the text snippet that you want identified into the text box above and click Go! Or click «example» above to see how it works.

Supported languages

English German French Polish Japanese Dutch Italian Portuguese Swedish Spanish Russian Chinese Finnish Norwegian Esperanto Slovak Danish Czech Hebrew Catalan Hungarian Romanian Indonesian Serbian Turkish Slovenian Lithuanian Bulgarian Ukranian Korean Estonian Croatian Telugu Arabic Malay Persian Thai Greek Basque Bengali Icelandic Georgian Bosnian Vietnamese Cantonese Afrikaans Tagalog (Filipino) Bishnupriya Manipuri Hindi Newar (Nepal Bhasa) Urdu Tamil Cebuano Malayalam Kannada Macedonian Belarusian Nepali (Nepalese)

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